Art every OTHER day?

I’m off to a great start! NOT. I now realize that i have two challenges. The first is to draw or paint something every day. The second is to scan or photograph and upload. My inclination is to not post my rough sketches because they aren’t ‘finished’ looking.  I start to pull them into Photoshop to clean them up and realize  that is not the point! Not to mention, it will take me forever to clean them up and post them each day, which is also not the point.  When I sold payroll systems we used to talk about ‘barriers to entry’  that prevented prospects from buying. Making my artwork print ready before posting on this blog is definitely a ‘barrier to entry’ for me, meaning that I need to make it easy and quick or I just won’t do it. It’s one thing to make a completed product for a portfolio piece or to sell in a gallery, this is something else entirely. The intent should be simply a sketchbook that reveals my processes.

Since I didn’t post yesterday I am doubling up as an attempt to keep my schedule. I know it’s kind of cheating, but it’s better than skipping a day, right? I drew a cute little summer beach towel drawing which you may remember from a photograph I posted in the summer. (Yes, I took the photo in my mudrom.) Today I took a few minutes and drew a soup tureen because it was cold and rainy and soup just sounded good. Here are the beginning efforts to pull them into a stationery design. Early stages, but that’s ok. I will add color and probably some other design elements with Illustrator. Enjoy.


Doesn’t it make you want to invite a few friends over and sit by the fire?

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