Surtex. Why exhibit in 2012?

Surtex 2012 in May!  I’ve very excited to showcase not only my whimsical hand-draw art, but a few of my painted items as well. My wine bottles and kitchen-themed stillifes have sold so well in galleries that I’ve decided to exhibit them along with my whimsical line. Below is a snipit of one of my wine bottle paintings.

Although I have exhibited at other shows, I knew that Surtex provides the greatest opportunity to meet with manufacturers face-to-face and
establish relationships with key customers. My experience is in the stationery industry. A big part of my former position was developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers by providing  a service they needed, doing what I said I was going to do, meeting deadlines and establishing a personal connection based upon mutual trust and credibility. In my stationery business I provided solid art, fresh ideas
and a quality product. Although new to the industry, my experience is that these traits are transferrable and I plan on approaching the business the same way.  My focus is to provide solid art, flexibility and an understanding of the manufacturer’s needs. My goal is to learn, meet manufacturers and other artists in the industry and leave with plenty of leads that will require me to follow-up.