The calm AFTER the storm….

hammock05The busyness of May has given way to the calmness of June…at least here in my world. My oldest son graduated from high school and my younger son from middle school. All of the party planning, announcement addressing, and college visiting is complete. Family members who came to town for the graduation celebrations have gone back home. Two of my really big volunteer commitments have wrapped up with the school year. All is quiet here. Not sure if I like it. Yes, I looked forward to having time to paint, time to draw, and just time to think.  But it’s hard. To transition, I mean. To go from day after day of checking off to-do lists to switching to a more relaxed, creative mode. I always think I like a lot of unscheduled time until I actually have it, and then I am lost. Aren’t artists supposed to be free like the wind…ha…not WORKING artists.Schedules help. Projects help. Deadlines help. I feel better when I work in my studio with some sort of routine. Go figure.