Ahoy! Collection

I’ve taken two online courses from genius art agent Lilla Rogers . ‘Make Art That Sells’ part A and B are both challenging and inspiring e-courses that I completed this year. The courses provide solid advice, weekly assignments, and is chock-full of valuable information about selling your work in the various commercial markets. I have learned so much. Currently, I’m taking her ‘MATS Bootcamp’ course which is at a slower pace, but provides the opportunity to develop strong portfolio pieces with deadlines and guidelines – which works well for me. The supporting and inspiring environment is a huge bonus to the strong content and valuable information. There are so many talented artist in the group that the class is a bit intimidating. However, I can see the development in my work and I am having so much fun!

Here’s this month’s submission. It could be wall art, but I also see it on other products such as fabric or gifts.