Golden City – California Road Trip Day 4

There is this dichotomy, this frustration with daily painting. I realize it every time I try to fit my loose, painterly style in an 8 x 8 square. It’s hard to paint large, when you are trying to paint a finished product EVERY. DAY.  I don’t like painting tiny little perfect details. (Yeah, I’m sure you can tell.) By the way, with the right tools, I can…I just don’t like to. I mean, if I wanted a photograph, I’d take one. I love the look and the feel of a swooping, painterly, imperfect brushstroke. Ever tried to do that in an 8 x 8 square? It ain’t easy.

I’ve been playing with negative space. The Golden Gate has some great negative space between all those cables. I’ve always known about negative space…well, maybe not always, but I’ve taken art classes since I was a teenager. Artists talk about it in graphic design, in painting, in illustration. But lately, since taking Jenny Horne’s ‘Paint Something’ class, I’ve been thinking about it in a new way. Deliberately painting the negative space first, trying to get that feel of pattern and brushstroke. To almost trick the eye into thinking that the negative space is in front of the actual object. And it’s fun. This pattern work on the bridge would be REALLY COOL to paint large. So, consider this a study for a larger piece of work.