Painted Ladies – California Road Trip Day 8

Jack orchestrated the day. It was all about him. Since he had never been to San Francisco, we let him. After years of watching ‘Full House’ when he was younger, he wanted to have a picnic at the park overlooking the painted ladies. This was no ordinary picnic. We stopped at the wharf and ordered In-N-Out Burger (another new experience for the burger connoisseur) from the not-so-secret menu. We then transported our picnic via Uber to Alamo Square Park, where we had lunch on the grass while enjoying our view of the famous painted ladies. It turned out to be a lovely family day.

If you Google ‘painted ladies paintings’ there are 4.6 MILLION results. Many of them painted in painstaking detail to best capture their Victorian gingerbread trim and ladylike features. So I went for whimsical, simplified, and fun. Technically, I’d say it’s probably not finished yet. I need to work out some of the problems with perspective that I should have figured out during the drawing stage. It’s also a bit high key in color. See, this is the problem with daily painting. I paint fast anyway, but I just can’t spend all day painting every day. I’ve got other things to do. I didn’t plan it out well enough this time, as I usually do. And, of course I decided to paint this on a 24″ x 24″ canvas, just for fun. I do prefer painting large, painting loose, and painting fast. I’m not making excuses, just sayin’ …it’s not done yet, and I know it, but I’m tired and I committed to do doing this damn daily painting. So, here it is. I DID enjoy painting it, and will enjoy finishing it tomorrow. You won’t see it on my website ’til its done. UPDATE: Corrected my errors, tried to keep the whimsy.