In an effort to create some accountability for myself, I’m posting my new collections for licensing on a semi-daily basis. Semi-daily, not sure if that is really a word, but my spell-check didn’t get it and you know what I mean. It means I’m taking the weekends off and maybe another day or two as well.

A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for a local seafood store called Carolina Fish Market.  I stopped by the last time I took my son to get a haircut at Dave’s. For a minute it felt like July and I was back in Atlantic Beach, N.C.  I bought some fresh tuna, which was absolutely delicious. I was overwhelmed by the choices: oysters, shrimp, grouper, and more. I wanted it all. So I will go back. Again and Again.

All of their products are not ‘local’ but regional as dictated by the seasons…and the fact that none were swimming in  Lake Norman and Charlotte is not oceanfront. However, I do like their philosophy, which I found on their website:  ” At the Carolina Fish Market we practice plain old Carolina boat to Carolina table, the way God intended it to be.” Couldn’t ask for more than that.

These little guys are too cute to eat.

'Fishies' Collection.   © 2014 PAM WINGARD

‘Fishies’ Collection.