So that’s 12…and that’s all.

When I began this ’30 paintings in 30 days’ I knew that I would probably not finish 30 paintings this time, however I DID want to get back to my regular painting routine. I thought this would provide some accountability, which it did. I had this idea in my head that I wanted to paint a series of 12 florals in a whimsical style. I had intended to paint them as a ’12 Days of Christmas’ series and include a Bible verse on each one.  Well, obviously that didn’t happen, but isn’t January a better time to focus on spring flowers anyway? I guess. Mission accomplished. All of these 12 x 12 canvas panels are available for sale on my website and soon on Etsy as well. I’m planning on offering prints and phone cases as well. The last florals turned out nicely on phone cases. Here’s the link if you are interested in the originals.