Inspiration from a barefoot artist….

I spent most of the day yesterday working on the format for my new newsletter. I’ve heard different opinions about whether it was a duplicate effort to have both a newsletter and a blog. Overwhelmingly, other artists and mentors agreed that it was a good idea to have both, just use each tool differently. I always liked the idea of having a newsletter, but frankly didn’t know what I would say. So I sat down and made a list of what I enjoyed reading on other newsletters. I looked through the ones I still read. I’ve signed up for lots of them and then unsubscribed. Not because I didn’t like the content, but I just couldn’t keep up with email. I’m an education junkie, a reader, an information sponge. I like to learn. But with the internet that is bad, bad, bad. In the interest of ‘research’ I could spend hours learning about art techniques, intriguing travel spots, trip advisor reviews, new restaurants, other artist’s websites…. Why is reading a book a good thing, and internet surfing bad? It’s all learning, right? But that’s another topic.

The three newsletters I still receive (and enjoy) regularly are Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Insider, Bob Burridge’s Weekly Bob Blast, and Monica Lee’s Smart Creative Women. What they all have in common is that they are all art related, informative or inspirational, and brief. These guys are professionals. They’ve set high standards. I don’t compare my little newsletter to these powerhouses. But I can learn from them. Remember, I’m practically a professional researcher.
Anyway, I’m excited to begin this new avenue of my art business. To find another way to share the joy of this creative adventure. Look for the new menu item on my blog (top right), sign up and look for a little inspiration in your mailbox every other week. I promise, it will be brief. Mostly pretty pictures, because after all, I’m an artist, and that’s what I do. Make pretty pictures.