Old school…

I have a new collection releasing soon. February.

Well, that’s my plan. After New Year’s,  I mapped out a general idea of what I might want to paint. I had this vague idea in my mind about my first collection. I made a Pinterest inspiration board, I tried Polyvore. I wrote the story behind the collection. But when I began to paint, the idea fell flat. I couldn’t remember what was in my head, or how I wanted the paintings to look when I was finished.

So I went old-school. I sat on the floor with my sketchbook, a stack of magazines, Washi tape, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors. I cut out images I liked and taped them in my sketchbook. This vision in my head of color schemes, rooms, and ideas came to life. Well, to the page.

Then I printed my Pinterest boards and cut them out and pasted them on the pages, so I could see them in a different way.

Working with my hands was much more calming than pulling my ideas together digitally. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Pinterest. I use it for both inspiration and planning, and the images above are straight from their site.

But I needed the pure tactile act of cutting and pasting. Physically. The rough texture of the sketchbook, the smoothness of the magazines. The sound of the scissors.

Is this something only a maker understands?

Or maybe we all do? That’s why we cook, sew, knit, rearrange furniture, read a real newspaper, or purge our closets in January.

Here’s the result. The color scheme is soft, with lots of green, and a touch of pale yellow, and grey. We’ll see if what shows up on my website in February looks similar. I can’t promise it will, but I had to start somewhere.



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