That sums it up. Warms my soul. Hits the heart of why I do what I do. #connectcollaboratecreate

The Southern C coined this hashtag for their social media marketing…and it’s right on target.

A couple of weeks ago I attended The Southern C Summit in Sea Island, Georgia, a conference for entrepreneurs, many of them creatives. The focus was on connecting, collaborating, and creating with other business owners, bloggers, and the media.

This event exceeded all my expectations and I can’t wait to go back next year. I returned to my studio energized and full of excitement because of the meaningful connections and inspiration I found there. I have a lot of thinking, planning and work to do now, and I cannot wait!

Check out their site for a more detailed recap, but here is my personal take on a few pieces of positive, encouraging advice I gathered. These are all paraphrased because I was taking TONS of notes.
‘Be authentic. Really be you.’  
Gray Malin, Fine-Art Photographer and New York Times’ Best-Selling Author
‘Balance to avoid burnout. What is my vision of balanced success?’
       Lizzie Fortunato and Kathryn Fortunato, Founders, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels
‘People may know you or know your work, but most don’t know both. So use video to introduce the other.’
Libbie Summers, Author, Tastemaker and Award-Winning Producer
‘Be consistent.’
       Mandy Rye, Founder and Creative Director, Waiting on Martha
‘Be true to your own style’Darcy Miller
‘Are you having fun?’Darcy Miller
‘Be helpful.’
       Nikki Bazzani, Creative Strategist, Pinterest
‘Create an action plan.’
       Monica Lavin, Independent Content Publisher, Stylist and Founder, Lavin Label


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