What’s next?

Palm Trees Collection

Palm Trees Collection. © 2017 Pamela Wingard.

I do like this latest collection just released in August:  ‘Palm Trees’. It was a new subject for me, which was challenging but really fun to paint, and I am happy with the way they turned out.

However, it’s time to move on from painting palm trees.

I’m not ready for pumpkin spice latte yet, but the day after Labor Day feels like a new season. Better than New Year’s Day. Because I still think in terms of the school year. New planner, new pencils. 30 in 30 daily painting challenge.


I’ve started on it. Painting daily keeps me motivated, but I’m also enjoying working on some larger pieces, which are hard to paint in a day. I’m still shooting for 30 pieces, but I’ll likely flip back and forth with them since I paint in a lot of layers. I’ll show tidbits of the paintings throughout the month, but release them all at once this fall.

And speaking of getting motivated to paint … in addition to a new online collection in October, here’s what’s next for fall:


‘By the Sea’ © 2017 Pamela Wingard

Charlotte Beaux Arts ABSTRACT Open House.

Charlotte. TOMORROW night. Wednesday, September 6. 

Gratefully, Danielle Artist Series. Charlotte. October.

Beaux Arts ‘Nature’ Open House. Charlotte. October

Boco Art Show. Greenville, SC. November

Traditions of Charlotte. Artisan Event. November.

Beaux Arts ‘Holiday Small Works’  Show. Charlotte. December.


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