'Cozy Evenings' © 2017 Pamela Wingard

Autumn on the Coast


‘Brisk Walk’ and ‘Pumpkin Pie Spice’ © 2017 Pamela Wingard


Unlike many of my friends, fall is not my favorite season.

Mid-September my friend Susan puts on a cozy sweater and
heads to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Buys an rusty-orange mum, and those little squash things that look like baby pumpkins. Gets a candle named ‘Cinnamon Bun’ or ‘Pumpkin Pie.’

Me, I refuse.  At least until mid-October, and now November is right around the corner.

It can’t be fall yet.

I love the summer and I’m not giving in. I still want to wear my flip-flops. And drink coconut water. My house is full of male football lunatics who love the fall and want me to start cooking chili the day after Labor Day.

I get there eventually.

I realize that it IS nice to have cooler days. And I like boots, sweaters, and jeans. And the smell of a real fire in the fireplace. Unlike my kids, I ENJOYED buying school supplies.

So why the kicking and screaming into fall? Shorter days, the colder weather? Probably.

But I do like way it feels like a fresh start.

So, I get myself a new planner and art supplies. I put on flannel pajama bottoms and a college sweatshirt and curl up and watch Netflix. I have to admit, it’s kinda cozy. And peaceful (until the football lunatics return). But I feed them chili and it gets quiet for a little while.

Maybe I just move slowly and adapt to change a little reluctantly?



‘Brisk Walk’ © 2017 Pamela Wingard





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