‘WANDERLUST’. ‘PLACES’. ‘COAST TO COAST’. Or something like that. 

Available in March.

When I travel I always bring something home with me. No, not a Christmas ornament, a t-shirt or a cookbook (which often I do). I mean an INTENTION, a new way of looking at the world, and a realization of how big and diverse our world really is.

I get in a daily routine and don’t think much about it. That little world of errands,  and work, and email.

But occasionally I step out of that routine. And REMEMBER.

Oh yeah. Every place is not like the little block that I call home.

When I went to France (years ago) I came home and poured myself a glass of wine for lunch. Because I could. And why not? (Other than the nap that probably followed). If I lived in Paris I’d do that.

When I returned from Colorado I vowed I’d hike the trails near my house. I left NYC and thought about how I really needed to walk more instead of always getting in my car.

Travel INSPIRES. Makes you think differently. Expands your way of thinking. It just makes me want more. It reminds me of how much of the world I haven’t SEEN. And how people are different yet the same.

This series is about WANDERLUST. That itch, that drive, that unsettling urge to see more, experience more, take a vacation, go somewhere new.  Maybe its the artist in me – visual.  I want to see it all!

I’ve collected pictures from various places to use as reference photos. Marshes, beaches, forests, cities, landmarks, and farm country. Mostly in the USA, so the Eiffel Tower painting may be misleading (I just like it). I’m not sure which places will show up in this series, but we’ll see where the paintbrush takes me….

‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ Gustave Flaubert 

Where do you want to go next?


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