‘The Water’ Collection

Are you ready for summer?

May is always so hectic for most people, especially moms.

My younger son is graduating from high school and my older son is already home from college for the summer. Mother’s Day. Graduation. Three art shows. All good stuff. Just a few more weeks of crazy, and I’m ready to settle in to a slower pace, a little sunshine, and lots of water, I hope. Oh yeah, and a stack of hardback books too.

My latest collection ‘THE WATER will be available today through Friday, May 10 at BOCO Art in Greenville, SC.   After the show, all available work will be on my website. Look for details of these new pieces as well as specifics on Instagram.

I chose to abstract this collection even more than usual by limiting my palette on most of the pieces. I also played with lots of mediums; using acrylics, oils, oil sticks, and graphite. I had some fun with dripping paint and inks too. It seems to go with the whole idea of a looser schedule, a more relaxed day, and a surprise here and there.

Happy almost summer.


Closeup5-Wingard-The-Water29closeupbluetable-Wingard-The-Water22The Water Collection



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