A little gift: Coastal iPhone Wallpapers

I've been experimenting again...


In the Kitchen…

Do you use Houzz? I know you designers use it, but it's a nice source to save design projects for your own house, and you can shop right from the app. Like Pinterest for HGTV junkies. I created an ideabook where I save images to use if we ever get around to remodeling our bathroom. I … Continue reading In the Kitchen…

There’s this place..

There’s this special place. This coastal town I’ve been visiting every year for over 15 years. The first summer I went there my younger son was just over a year old and my older son was about to start Kindergarten. It’s a long drive by yourself with two small kids. Six hours. There are many closer beaches. … Continue reading There’s this place..

Free Downloadable Print

I just learned how to create free printables in a Creative Live class taught by Blacksburg Belle April Bowles-Olin, who is just so cute and so darn smart. I'm experimenting on you to see how I like it and how it works. Just for fun. I'm working on adding new items to my Etsy shop for the holidays, including … Continue reading Free Downloadable Print

Hurricane Arthur and Reference Photos

This was loosely painted from a photograph I took on Shackleford Banks, one of the barrier islands near Beaufort, North Carolina. Wild horses still roam there. It is also where I got my digital SLR (i.e. expensive) camera wet and ruined it forever. It is where I got little tiny cuts all over my feet from … Continue reading Hurricane Arthur and Reference Photos

Beaufort, North Carolina

Back to some more traditional art. Painted mostly with the palette knife. This is along the intracoastal in Beaufort, North Carolina, where I've been going every summer with my friend Kim since 2001. These are right along the docks where the tour boats go out every day. One of my favorite places in the world. Love … Continue reading Beaufort, North Carolina

Lonely – California Road Trip Day 10

This one is for my husband. When he turned thirty, I surprised him with a trip to California and a round at Pebble Beach. I turned 30 the same year, and since I was seven months pregnant, I think I got a new nursery. That was a LONG time ago. Anyway, he wants another round … Continue reading Lonely – California Road Trip Day 10

Painted Ladies – California Road Trip Day 8

Jack orchestrated the day. It was all about him. Since he had never been to San Francisco, we let him. After years of watching 'Full House' when he was younger, he wanted to have a picnic at the park overlooking the painted ladies. This was no ordinary picnic. We stopped at the wharf and ordered … Continue reading Painted Ladies – California Road Trip Day 8

F Market Streetcar – California Road Trip Day 7

The vintage streetcars on Market Street are historic, functioning cars that began operating in 1995, after years of restoration. I enjoyed reading about the history of them, since usually San Francisco’s cable cars are the star attraction. The trendy vintage colors made  this girl fun to paint.  I wonder if ‘she’ has a name? If … Continue reading F Market Streetcar – California Road Trip Day 7