This seemed harder this time…or did I say that the last time I joined the ’30 paintings in 30 days’ challenge? Frankly, I’m glad it’s over. I can’t stand the pressure. I thought it would help me refine my skills, improve my discipline, and make my body of work more cohesive. It might have. But it also made me a little crazy…Yes, I painted all 30 and also did a few pieces for licensing, as well as a commission…oh yeah, and took a vacation with my mom for a week, joined two collaborations and found a new ‘brick and mortar’ space for my work as well. All of which I am grateful for.

Here’s a shot of most of the thirty. The second collage is my harbor series that I painted last month. I think I prefer to paint with a theme and should have stuck with that this time. I left out a few because they just didn’t fit with the rest. I promise…I really did paint thirty..just not everything looked good together. It did remind me of what I do best, what I need to spend more time on, and what I enjoy the most. Happy October…thank God.


© 2016 Pamela Wingard. ’30 in 30′ painting challenge September 2016 


©2016 Pamela Wingard. Abstract Harbor Collection.


Lots of new art

Wine, cheese, art, and great friends…what could be more fun? Last week Gratefully, Danielle hosted a ‘Meet the Artist’ event at the gorgeous store. I did a little demo of my oil and cold wax process.

They will be featuring additional artists through October, so be sure and register for their upcoming events. You can find them on their Facebook page. 

Here are a few photos of the art displayed there.

I’m also excited to introduce a couple of new collaborations. In addition to Christenberry Collection who is featuring my art in September, I’m working with The Art Manor for a pop-up shop and will have work at Cotswold Market.  

I’m still participating in the ’30 paintings in 30 days’ challenge so look for more new art coming up during September. 

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen….

Mother, Sister, Friend

Mother, Sister, Friend

Painting a few flower but have some seascapes prepped and up next.

Is it October yet?

30 paintings in 30 days is a lot, even when they are small.These are starting to all look alike…might have to switch it up a bit. Florals? Maybe so….


Painting number seven is another in the series of small marsh scenes. I’ve painted lots of marshes over the years and these are a lot more abstracted than what I’m used to painting. I like the end result but the perfectionist in me wants to tighten everything up and make the reeds and grasses green instead of lavender. This is way more fun though. 

Three more…

If you guys don’t mind, I may just go back to posting my 30 paintings in 30 days on a daily basis. A few people have told me that they enjoy seeing what’s next, and I really appreciate that! So, newsletter subscribers,  I’ll keep the words to a minimum and post my daily work here through September. Thanks for the feedback and your support. Here are paintings four through six. 


Last in the mini floral series. Marshes up next and rather than post daily, the whole collection will be in my next post. Less email for you, less pressure for me. I think that should work. I’ll still be posting daily to Instagram. 

Couldn’t stop at one…

A little abstracted ….which is a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to paint in series, so I couldn’t paint just one floral…

Also, for those of you who receive my blog feed, I might just start posting all my paintings at the end of the week so I don’t clog your inbox with daily paintings. Do you think that would work?

I didn’t like the marsh…

Well, I said I’d be painting marsh paintings, which I did. However I decided the marsh wasn’t finished and I also painted some flowers, so here they are. Day 1. It’s a flexible thing, this 30 day painting challenge, right? 

30 Paintings in 30 Days…Almost

Walk in The Woods 4 Mixed Media on Canvas Panel. 12 x 12  Framed in Gold Floater Frame © Pamela Wingard

Walk in The Woods 4
Mixed Media on Canvas Panel. 12 x 12
Framed in Gold Floater Frame
© Pamela Wingard

I’m REALLY not sure why I’m doing this. Did I say that last time? I think so. I don’t have time to paint a painting EVERY day. I don’t. But all that daily effort just makes my paintings better, solidifies my current style, and improves my discipline. So I’m going to participate anyway. Even though I really don’t want to. I guess. Just so you know, it’s not cheating to paint ahead, to not paint all 30, or to paint two in one day and none in another. Just paint. That’s the idea behind Leslie Saeta’s 30 day challenge. I like those rules. Which is why I’m doing this, even though I really don’t have time…

My plan is to paint 15 oil and cold wax paintings on cradled wooden panels. The other 15 will be acrylic and other media (pastels,etc.) on canvas. All will be gallery depth and 8 x 8 to keep it manageable. My hope is to have a collection of smaller paintings that will inspire some larger pieces along the way.

My theme this time is abstract marshes (surprise). I know I paint a lot of marsh scenes, but I’m almost completely out of stock now. If I get tired of those, I might switch to florals halfway through. I  want to experiment with some different color palettes and that’s easiest to do if I focus on one subject matter. If I try to focus on color and subject and perspective and all these things at once, it’s just too overwhelming. I want this to be fun, a learning experience, and not take over my life completely. Because I really don’t have time for this.