Paint Something


I just completed a comprehensive e-course by Atlanta artist Jenni Horne, called Paint Something. She is running the class again in October. I urge you to take the course if you want to loosen up your style, learn new techniques, and have some fun. Wherever you are on your creative path, this course will challenge you and encourage you to think differently. Along with step-by-step videos on art-making, Jenni addresses ways to market and sell your art. I particularly enjoyed her inspiring words of wisdom which made me eager (well, obsessive…) about signing in to see what she had to say each week. I’m now taking the time to watch the videos again and take more notes before she begins the next session. Personally, I haven’t had this much fun painting in a very long time. I think she may have just brought the joy back into my creative world. Click on the box above to take a look.

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