There’s this place..


There’s this special place. This coastal town I’ve been visiting every year for over 15 years. The first summer I went there my younger son was just over a year old and my older son was about to start Kindergarten. It’s a long drive by yourself with two small kids. Six hours. There are many closer beaches. But my friend Kim invited me and my two boys to stay at her parent’s house with her three kids. Thank you, Pat & Bud.

So, I packed up my beach toys, the stroller, diapers, sunscreen, along with a bunch of other necessary ‘stuff.’I stuck a CD in the player and drove. The first four and half hours were fine. By hour five I was shoving Skittles in my toddler’s mouth to keep him from screaming while the five-year-old slept.  (Don’t judge – I never would have done that with my first).

We made it there. And we LOVED it. And we went back. Every year.

Kim and I happily made sandwiches and dragged all five kids to the beach along with the wagon full of beach toys. At the end of each day, we made kiddie food for dinner, put the babies to bed, and broke out the wine and crab cakes. And tuna, and crab legs, and clams, and shrimp too.

We spent a couple of days on the beach. On the third we packed up our coolers and our sandwiches and went to this cute little coastal town. It became a routine. Every year.

Those days we always took a trip on the pirate ship, complete with eye patches and plastic swords from the General Store. Ice cream. Swimming in the sound. Lots of laughing…and arguing (the kids, not us)…and laughing.

The kids are now teenagers and they still show up. Whoever can get there between summer sports and part-time jobs. Now they drive jet skis and we have to share our seafood – and next year most likely our Coronas too.

Nowadays we shop, take the ferry over to the sound to swim. Sometimes we sit on a restaurant dock and enjoy the view of the Intracoastal, eating fried okra, pimento cheese and maybe drinking a ‘pain killer.’

We talk for hours, dream, plan, laugh, cry, and keep each other inspired.

So, the little town. It’s sophisticated. Great shops. Excellent restaurants, breathtaking water views. Boat rides.

This place is special. It’s become such a part of us. Its beauty is quaint, yet sophisticated, quiet, yet bustling.

This new series is inspired by that special place.

Love. Friendship. Family, Growing older. Growing up. Lots of changes, yet the beauty of the sound, the sea, the Caribbean blue water stays the same.

Do you have a place like that?  Someplace that has your heart? I have a few, but this one? This one is special.


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