New Art Collection. Pink: Subtle Strength

This new collection  will be released on Monday, November 28.

However, a  selection of these paintings are now available in my Etsy shop to blog and newsletter subscribers on Small Business Saturday.  Use the coupon code FRIENDS16 for a 20 percent discount available until December 1. Here’s the link to the entire NEW COLLECTION.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of this little community.

It’s unusual for me as they are an eclectic mix of coastal art, florals, and a couple of abstracts. Each piece is very different, maybe not as cohesive as they ‘should’ be for a collection but I like that about them. Some of the pieces are being sold in stores, some online. However, they are all small, and all a little pink.

This is the last of my ‘mini series’ for a few months. After the first of the year, I plan on spending some time ‘painting big’ and exploring some possible new collections.

Here’s the story behind the series:

You may know that I’ve never been much of a pink person. I’m more of a faded blue jeans and white t-shirt kind of girl. No pink bows, no ruffles, rarely anything  shiny, glittery, or lacy.

Then I had boys.

Two boys. Lots of blue. And now FOUR nephews (although I do finally have a cute little niece who doesn’t wear much blue).

I love them with all my heart. But still. Blue painted walls. Navy bedspreads. Grey t-shirts.  Khaki shorts, football jerseys, baseball uniforms.

Blue. Grey. Khaki.  In our house, a little college football garnet. Now a little orange. But never pink.

So a not-so-girly girl starts to wear pink. Bright pink ear buds so no one in my house will ‘borrow’ them. Pale pink ‘champagne glitter’ phone case. Fuchsia iPad cover. Pink running shoes. Blush flats.

And a lot of pink paint. Rose. Salmon. Coral. On canvas.

This series is not about bubblegum pink. Not about that in-your-face ‘it’s a girl’ pink…not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just not my world.

This is about the subtle use of just a bit of pink. About being feminine and a little girly. About a quiet strength. About being strong without being rough. Yes, ‘girl power’ is great. But I live in a house of boys and they are loud, dirty and sometimes  smelly, but they can also be kind, and thoughtful, and sweet. So, as a ‘boy mom’ I don’t feel the need to feel more empowered than them, or stronger than them, or more entitled than them.  I just want to quietly go about being a girl. A woman. A creative. I like fresh flowers and old silver, and pretty china. I like pretty. And that doesn’t make me weak.

So, yes, now I love pink.



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