It’s really a color story.

My plan was to base this series on a place. The ‘Coast of Carolina’ series. It sort of is. But my hand kept painting flowers in between the coastal abstracts. During the grey days of January, flowers make me happy. I wanted to try painting softer, more feminine color palettes and quit painting everything blue. The green of nature soothes the soul, and I wanted to capture that. Plus, Greenery is the Pantone color of the year, so why not?

Rather than being about a specific place, I’m realizing this collection is all about color. Coral, green, lavender, and cheery yellow because I rarely use yellow except to make green. This little group of paintings came together because art uplifts the viewer and its maker. Don’t we need that?

I wish I could say this art was from a deeper connection, but it’s just not. I don’t have a real story behind this, other than the one I’m telling you now. Just the need to play, to experiment, to set my own boundaries (no blue) and to bring joy into these winter months.

I admit, I tried to force this theme. I assumed I’d schedule it and paint what was on my list. This collection was difficult. I had to push myself through the frustration. A LOT of STRUGGLES with the brush. BUT, once I let go of the false pretense of the collection having some deeper meaning than color and cheerfulness, it came together. The ease came back. I worked hard on this group of paintings, but at the end, the spontaneity and joy showed up.

At least for me. How about you?

Snipets in the photo above but the collection will be available next week.

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