A little gift: Coastal iPhone Wallpapers

BEACH iphone6

I’ve been experimenting again…I thought it would be fun to offer new iPHONE WALLPAPERS with each new collection, as well as a limited supply of archival PRINTS and maybe a product or two.

I’ve always wanted to see my designs on products that are useful (and pretty). I’m hoping to expand this over the next few months to include a limited number of items with each collection. I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I don’t want to slap my artwork on a bunch of ‘things’ that no one really needs or uses. My coffee cups are white, my linens and plates are solid, my sofa is slipcovered in white. I know, not very artistic..

But I get overstimulated (and bored) with a lot of pattern and color in a lot of places. I like beautiful patterns, bold color, and boho blouses with lots of interest. But  sometimes it’s all too much for me. Maybe it’s because I use so much color in my daily work? Maybe I’m getting old and peaceful is more important than exciting?

So if that’s the case, then why do I want to create products? Because too much white is boring, and I love a pop of color on a white background. I’d love to have my work available at various price points and on products people use every day. Because it’s another way to bring a little joy into the ordinary. This collection will be carefully curated to include only pieces that I would use myself or that I really love.

For now, here’s the LINK to the iPhone downloads. Unframed PRINTS will be available for a limited time. Look for some new products in the future. What items would YOU like to see? Drop me a line, I’d love some inspiration.

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