Here’s the story behind my latest collection. Available November 28.



So, you probably know that I don’t seem to be much of a pink person. I’m more of a faded blue jeans and white t-shirt kind of girl. No pink bows, no ruffles, rarely anything  shiny, glittery, or lacy.

Then I had boys.

Two boys. Four Nephews (although I finally have a cute little niece too).

Lots of blue.

Blue painted walls. Navy bedspreads. Grey t-shirts.  Khaki shorts, football jerseys, baseball uniforms.

Blue. Grey. Khaki.  In our house a little garnet. Now a little orange. But never pink.

So a not-so-girly girl starts to wear pink. Pink ear buds so no one else will steal them. Pale pink ‘champagne glitter’ phone case. Fuchsia iPad cover. Pink running shoes. And a lot of pink paint. On canvas.

This series is not about bubblegum pink. Not about that in-your-face ‘it’s a girl’ pink…not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just not my world.

This is about the subtle strength of just a little pink. About being feminine and a little girly. About a quiet strength. About being strong without being tough. Yes, ‘girl power’ is great. But I live in a house of boys and they are loud, and gross, and dirty, and smelly, but they can also be kind, and thoughtful, and sweet. So, as a ‘boy mom’ I don’t feel the need to feel more empowered than them, or stronger than them, or more entitled than them.  I just want to quietly go about being a girl. A woman. A creative. I like fresh flowers and old silver and pretty china. I like pretty. So, yes, now I love pink.